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Another Salami for slicing

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Took a Luccese from the chamber and sliced it up for a late night snack. This will go great with some provalone. Perfect flavor with a nice pepper after taste.

with only four sticks left in the chamber it'll be time to make up some more soon.
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MMM good move! I always like it when people send some my way! J/k enjoy!!!
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Nice looking stuff Dan, I bet it tastes even better then it looks too
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Looks good!!!
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Geez Dan, mine must have gotten lost in the mail again. biggrin.gif It looks great. Glad you're having success with your sausage making.
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DD, you and I need to hook up this summer.
That is awesome, points.
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Wow, that looks so good. I would love to try doing that some day. Great job.
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Oh geez! Not again... I hate when that happens...:o
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Looks great- detailed blog !!

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Nice dan very nice!
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That looks great, Dan. Been waiting a long time for those to get done.
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Man that looks great!
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That sure looks good Dan
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