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Stuffed Pork Loin (re-post)

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I thought I would repost this as it was one of my favorite smokes and it appears that it may be lost in the Purge ;) So I'm humoring myself in reposting it.

Stuffed Pork Loin:

Started with a half Loin trimmed, about 5lbs before being trimmed.

Unrolled the Loin with very careful cuts and ran the mallet over it a little bit.

Added a layer of Proscuitto ham.

Added 1lb of Sweet Italian Sausage

A layer of fresh spinach

Kraft 5 Italian Cheese and some Feta

All rolled up

Some of this

EVOO+the above Pic+Fresh Rosemary from the garden

Pulled it at 150 internal and let it coast in a hot cooler

Sliced and ready to eat, I didn't get a bite!

Hope you enjoyed looking I cooked this for my neighbor (stepmother) and a group of her friends. I didn't get to try it but was told it was wonderful, I think the spinach took it to the "next" level for them.

Thought reposting might give some others new ideas about ingredients and technique.
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Nice job Trent. Thanks for reposting this. biggrin.gif
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Still looks awesome nice job!!
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This is a thing of beauty!!!
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That's a beautiful stuffed loin...thanks for reposting it Trent! icon_cool.gif
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Very nice.

I bet the neighbor loved it...My neighbors love when I get the smoker out...I use them as a test bed for new ideas and creations, and recipies. I wish I lived next to someone like me!

BBQ Eng.
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what temp did you cook it at????
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Great looking recipe. Trying it tomorrow. Was the sausage cooked or raw when you stuffed the loin? Thanks
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I just pre cooked the sausage in a skillet before stuffing. I believe everyone else does as well.

Liquorman: I'm sorry I didn't see your post until now. I generally shoot for 225 when I cook but in all reality I don't think a range up to 250 will have much difference.

I pulled it off at an internal 150, then foiled and stuffed into a hot cooler. I let it coast on higher until serving.
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Thanks for the prompt reply Carpetride. You're the man.

I'll let you know how it turns out. Internal of 150 sounds low based on other recipes I've looked at and my meat thermometer says 175 for pork. I'll try your advice and ignore the other tips I've read.
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I would guess it coasted another 5 maybe 10 degrees higher. If you like your pork really done then this is probably only medium.

Take it to 160 and let it coast from there if it makes you feel better. Some on here go less than I did but that wouldn't suit my taste.
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I like mine on the rare side. It is my wife that thinks she'll get worms if not cooked thoroughly. LOL

I'll take it off in low 150's and let ya know. Thanks
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have to make this

this recipe looks awesome and I have a nice pork loin in my freezer, so I'm thinking for the weekend. I was wondering what kind of wood you prefer with pork loin? I made a tenderloin with hickory once that I didn't care for - Apple?
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