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Somehow it seems a lot of us have lost our avatars that went next to our names. I tried to re-upload mine and I get a upload failed message from the forum.

Anyone else having this prob? Anyone know if a fix is in the works?

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I got that same message when I tried to change mine. I just went ahead and the new avatar showed up.

But now it seems to be gone. Computer issues I guess.
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Mine's gone too. I'm sure eventually these things will be fixed.
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If your avatar is squished looking (if yours is, you'll know what I am talking about) reload the picture and it should be okay.

Mine was looking like a 5 gallon bucket until I reloaded the picture.

All better now.biggrin.gif

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I tried that but got the upload failed message
But I'm sure it's just a matter of time before the bugs get worked out.

Edit: It told me the upload failed but I see it's back to normal now that I posted.
thanks for the tip DDave
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Beer-B-Q Avatar

OK, here it is Beer!

You can take the image and resize it to the size you want.

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Got It Thanks Thomas...
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