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Where is this?
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Hope the formatting holds up. I'll try to shoot a picture so you know what I got. It's not perfect, but for a first timer like me, it'll do!

Midwest Container

Address: 3074 County Road 257
Fulton, MO,

Phone: 573-592-1010
Fax: 573-443-7192
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Darn, to far away for me. Good deal for those in the area though.
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Barrel had been sand blasted and is generally ready to paint. Interior had a plastic bag liner and had been painted. It's also been sand blasted (not burnt).

I'll probably hit it with a wire brush on my angle head grinder and go for it. This is a replacement lid. The one that came with this barrel didn't have the bungs in it and was dented a bit. Given time and a clear understanding of what folks want, they could provide just about anything you want.

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Burn out!

I began my burn out on Friday, Most of the paint came off. But I still have some on there. How important is the outside paint being completely off? Also How do I know know the inside is completely clean? Should I take a wire brush to it or another tool? Thanks for any insight. biggrin.gif
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After my burn in I took a wire wheel attached to a cordless drill and gave it the once over. Seems it did the job, Ive been using it ever since.
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Thanks that will work!!!!
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It is not important at all for the outside paint to be off. In fact, if you have bare metal on the outside, you're going to want to paint it or it will rust.

You'll know the inside is clean when you can see shiny bare metal.

Wire wheel on an angle grinder or a drill works great.

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Show off
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