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Ok, so I thought I'd give it a whirl! My wife was very interested in what we have named "The Cholesterol Bomb"....AKA the fattie. So I used Jimmy Dean Maple, some lower sodium bacon (While my cholesterol is fantastic, I do have high BP), some sweet red bell peppers, Vidalia Onions, and Colby-Jack cheese. I cooked up a few scrambled eggs, but forgot to throw them in. Turns out to be a good thing, as my 18month old woke up shortly after the assembly very hungry. He likes eggs.

Now, we had a near catastophe. I am still very new to the smoking scene and have a problem remembering to remove my water pan. Last time, when I smoked some wings, I used a 50-50 apple cider/water mix. Left it in the box and it all boiled off, leaving a 1 inch thick layer of bubbly carbon. I thought, "Well, doesn't need the moisture." The smoke started well. New lump charcoal kept me at about 200 for the first 30 mins. I cannot go 5 minutes without checking the temp, so I went out and saw that beautiful smoke still pouring out, albeit a bit heavier. I noticed the temp gauge was closer inspection it was moving rapidly through 500. Little grease fire. So, emergency surgery to remove the fattie from the grate onto a cookie sheet. Works, though the fattie is pierced. Turned out ok. Peeled the extra crispy bacon off the bottom and my kinds ate til they were stuffed. Even my wife was gushing. It's all a learning process, so we just enjoyed the flavor.

1 lb Jimmy Dean Maple Sausage
.75 lb Lower Sodium Bacon (walmart)
.75 c Colby-jack, shredded
.5 Vidalia Sweet onion
.5 Sweet red bell pepper
liberal application of good 'ole Tony sachere's cajun seasoning (less salt)
Lump Charcoal
Hickory Chips

Took just over one hour, but was slightly accelerated by grease fire.

Basic setup, assistant chef timmy rolled the sausage and helped weave the bacon.

Plenty o' cajun seasonin'

Man, doesn't he look excited?

Ready for the smoker....
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Finished product.

Gott in Himmel....I love smoked cheese!!!!

The family is out of town for spring break, I will be working with the smoker nearly daily....will keep you posted.
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You do know those things are addicting, don't you??
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Good looking fatty. I like your weave, too.
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Nice job. Welcome to the fatty fan club.
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no turning back now. great looking weave for the first time
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Congrats on your first FATTY, now you're just restricted by your imagination.
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You have inspired me to make one of these this weekend... I prey to god that my woman has nothing in store for this weekend where i can take my time and have fun with this one!!!
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