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first BBs

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Did my first BB the other day. very good. two on left, done with mustard and Jeff's rub and one on right w/mustard and smoked bbq rub. apple and hickory wood. sprayed w/ apple cider and JD. did 2-2-1 at 250* pulled and wrapped for 1 hr. they were very good but Jeff your rub was great, thanks. did some ATB's at the same time.
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They makeing BB's out of beef these days?

just kidding, good looking ribs.
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Looks good....nice job!
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sorry Crock, got it on the wrong thread. new to this.:D
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Nice job. They look really good. :)
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Man those look great!!!
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Great job...and welcome home from another ole nam vet.
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I'd give ya points, but they disappeared!

Sweet looking ribs and abt's! Nice product placement for the photos...while we are at it, i'll take a shot o' that Jack, and pass me down a couple of those ribs too!

BBQ Eng.
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Looks great,
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Great looking BB's, thanks for sharing the Q View.. I moved your thread from beef to pork.
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