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Lodi Lake DOG Sunday, 3 9 09

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everyone is invited to another Dutch oven gathering (DOG for short) a group of Dutch oven cooks will be meeting beginning at 10 am and cooking up a storm for lunch at 12:30! come on by and introduce yourself!

Lodi Lake Park
1101 W. Turner Rd.
Lodi, CA

From I-5: Take Turner Road East 6 Miles.
From Hwy 99: Take Turner Road West 2 Miles
It's first come first serve. Just look for the cooking gear and/or the club banner, CCDOA
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Hey Dave

I've never been to a dutch oven gathering nor ever cooked in one but am interested in learning. Are these gatherings kind of a big informal potluck? Is food shared, bartered, or sold? What if I don't do any dutch oven cooking, can I contribute in some other way?

I may possibly take you up on your offer. Gotta check the schedule.

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come on up and bring a salad to share or another dish. dont worry about bringing food there will be tons! just bring yourself and a note book so you can learn. No one will complain if you want to bring 'que either hehehe! you will need paper plates for yourself and silver a glass or cup but yes it is a big or small informal potluck! hope to see you there! BTW food is shared among those in attendance.
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ncdodave.Do you know of anything similiar to this in east.I will do a little research but that sounds fantastic.
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Go to yahoo groups and join dutchovencooking also go to for more info on DOG s in the East. they happen all over and there are usually ne or two going on in any month. but, with it cold there may not be one happening until it warms up a little maybe end of march or april,
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Hey Dave

How did this event go? I hope it was a success and that you had a good time. Wish I could have been able to make it!
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Thanks alot, i will look into this.I watched a show on cable with authentic chuck wagon cooking with dutch ovens and i was impressed to say the least.Thanks Again.
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