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gonna do my first chuckie

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ok so is it the same as cooking a butt? I usually smoke my butts at around 250 and foil at 165 then take them to 200 and put them in a cooler for a few hours.
will a pork rub be ok for this meat? also how should I smoke beef ribs? I got 2 racks that I will smoke as well.
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I do mine a bit different then some, I only take it ta 165* an slice it. There fantastic, yall gonna love em!

Yup, do beef ribs too, just kinda cook em till the fat melts out an they pull back a bit, ifin ya got enough meat fer a thermo, I'd go 165 on them too.

Oh any bout any rub will work fer yer chuckie, I got one with coffee in it I like alot.

Good luck, yall be doin more after the first one!
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I just did my first one a couple of days ago, headed to the store for another one this afternoon. I used a commercial bbq rub (LOTS OF IT) and smoked in Hickory till 165*, mopping along the way, then foiled (adding more mop sauce on top) and brought to 205* for pulling. It was AWSOME, I like it better than brisket.

My mop sauce:
Beer (To thin & drink while making the sauce)biggrin.gif
Vinegar & Tomatoe based homemade bbq sauce (kind of a rodeo sauce)
Tabasco Jalapeno Green sauce
Olive oil
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Fishawn that looks mighty good.

lennyluminum, go for it. A chuck is a wonderful meat to smoke. Hope you have it planned for Fri or Sat. The weather should be beautiful. I'm hoping to put some turkey thighs and wings on the smoker Saturday afternoon. Sit outside enjoy the wonderful weather, smoke a cigar or two and RELAX!
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You're going to love the chuckie and beef ribs. They're my favorites. biggrin.gif Don't forget the qview!
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