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anyone have experience with .......

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this a sambaere grinder...i am thinking about getting this. me and cousin and uncle figure instead of paying to have our meat processed this year we will do it our selves. we will probably have about 5 deer and 3 elk to do. and later 2 pigs. I would think this would be good enough.this is the model i'm looking at

and here is a video of one at work..looks impressive to me...but i am easily impressed
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Looking at the video, the next one up is a Cabela's 1hp and you can see that, for the same price, you get a #22 neck vs. a #12 neck, quite a bit larger diameter to feed product into. Plus, the Sam Baere is not UL listed for safety or sanitation, and it only has steel plate and knife vs. Cabela's stainless steel plate and knife. I'd go with the Cabela's, plus keep watch on it as they go on sale quite often at $50 to $100 off if you're not in a big hurry. I bought my Cabela's 1 hp. for $349 on sale, reg. $499 two Christmases ago - saved enough to buy my elec. smoker (that was also on sale too - $30 off).

Pops §§
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I agree with pops go with a cabelas grinder you will get a better machine for your money
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On the baer grinder, from what I see in the picture, the feed stock does not come off the grinder. Which would make cleaning difficult and time consuming. I went to a couple of restaraunt supply stores yesterday and seen some commercial quality grinders, that are NSF and UL approved, for about the same money baer wants for their grinder.
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thanks for the input guys. right now i can get this grinder on sale for $349and thats about what i am looking at spending. i will definitely check out cabelas tho
heres a pic of how it comes apart
Attachment 12386
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another quick question what is a number 12 or 22 neck mean for cabelas grinder. how big is that. the sam baer is about 2 1/8" wide.
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A #22 neck is 3 1/8" diameter across - a full inch larger.
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I bought this Torrey Grinder a year and a half ago,,,and LOVE IT. No more gettin clogged up. It doesnt miss a beat!
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