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Jerky in the smoker

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Marinaded a sliced tri-tip roast overnight and just put it in the smoker. Question is; what cuts do you guys use for jerky? I've heard flank and top round it the general choice but was wondering what alternatives you've tired and like. I know tri-tip is not the best choice (not lean enough) but it was all I had.
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Top Round & Flank is what I've used before.
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Looks good! I use London Broil, got a local butcher who makes me a good deal.
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Slanted 88 gives good advice. Find london broil on sale. Plus it is the perfect thickness to slice up.
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A grocery store close to me has Top Round Lond Broil on sale, buy 1 get 1 free @ $4.79 .lb
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Isn't London Broil a recipe, not a cut of meat? Traditionally made with flank steak? These butchers these days will do anything to sell meat.

I use top round with great success, even bottom round.
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yes mg your right-but years ago londen broil hit the meat cases,I use it or and round on sale
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I have had good luck with bottom round roasts but I agree with 88 that london broil works well and Fish is right you can usually find them buy one get one free.
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Usualy I go to Cash n Carry and get a whole top round, about #20+/-, and cut it into roasts or whatever, depending on what Im gonna do with it. Its normally about $2/# that way.
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