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Meat Hunter, I've eaten lutefisk quite a few times and happen to like it. It's an aquired taste. Our lutheran church in town here has a lutefisk supper every year. My grandpa never misses a year. Did you put anything on it. I put lots of melted butter and salt and pepper on mine. I didn't like it as a kid, but I didn't like oyster stew as a kid either but love it now. It's a family tourdition that we have every Christmas.
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[quote=curious aardvark;285472]

It's right up there with rotted shark meat.

That's funny right there............
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[quote=Fishawn;280731]Wanna try some?


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Hey there neighbor. I forgot about this post. I did try it with butter but not the salt and pepper. Hope I did not offend you, I was just relaying a story my dad told me. He is not a fish eater AT ALL, and for being 100% Norwegian, thats kinda weird. Oh I would definitely try it again, but I would rather try it from someone who has been cooking it for years. I should stop in at one of my old co-workers church this year when they have theirs.
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