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Prime Rib? Where to find?

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Want to try and smoke some prime rib. What cowgirl did the other day has got me dying to try it. Any ideas where to look for it. I have called the local grocers and meat packaging stops, but no luck.
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I have a couple in my freezer, come on over. lol biggrin.gif

Your meat department should be able to order one for you. (not much help...sorry! lol )
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Any place that sells ribeye steaks that they cut themselves should have a rib roast. Just call around and ask for it.
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Wichita Bison
I got one from these guys for Christmas dinner. Best rib eye roast ever!

That is a turkey size pan!
7.4 pounds
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Maybe just ask for a rib roast. A lot of grocery stores have ri roast but not "prime" rib. I get it from Albertson's grocery or Sam's Club. Good luck.
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SAM's has them, if you have a local butcher you work with, they will probably help.
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