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1st try at bacon

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Did this a few weeks ago, just never got around to posting.

Picked up a case of bellies (50lbs).
3/4 of the case went into the freezer. So this will be a 12lbs test run.

Went with Cowgirl's Smokehouse Bacon (if Jeanie made's got to be good, right!!) and a couple of slabs I just threw together for comparison.

In the cure and spices.

Lightly smoked w/ hickory for 4 hours....probably should have smoked longer but didn't want to over do it on my first try. (in the same order)

Smokehouse Bacon being sliced

Needs more smoke but darn good stuff! Got more to do, but gotta do some more work on the cold smoker setup.

Thanks for lookin...thanks for the recipe Jeanie!!biggrin.gif
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now try it with boned leg or shoulder - MUCH better :-)
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Nice job. How long would you smoke them for next time?
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looking good!
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I think I'm gonna try another slab and smoke it twice as long and keep workin my way upon the other slabs til I get what I want.
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How Long

About how long did you smoke this one?

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4 hour w/ hickory.
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Wow I like the recipes. Looks good. I did my first and it turned out well. I went by looks. It was a seven hour run at 100 degrees or less. I think I will leave the water pan out though. The condensation was nasty on one. I think dry cool smoke is the best.
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Yup, no water pan. Bacon should be dry on the surface before smokin too, from what i gather.
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Nice job Gene. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great Gene. which of the spice mixes did ya like best. I'm not sure I'd like garlic on my bacon, but ya never know.
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Jeanie's was the best of the bunch (imagine that)! THe garlic bacon was made for wrapping other smokes...haven't tried frying up a piece by itself (maybe I should).
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Gene, glad to hear it turned out well for you! One thing about making bacon, once you get the cure down, you can add any flavors you like.
I like experimenting. biggrin.gif

Great thread Gene!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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OOOOOhhhhh now I want to try making bacon tooooo

I spend way to many hours at work icon_sad.gif , how can I let a whole freezer full of meet go uncured just because I'm not there???

Wait a minute, I could set myself up as a charity ....
"Won't you Please Donate so that I can find a CURE for Bacon!"

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LMAO...Good idea!!!
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that looks so good, Im going to have to try that now
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Brilliant! Thats why I love this site....soooooo many great ideas!
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