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Spares and some ABTs

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Hey all. Smoked some spares from Sam's and a batch of ABTs with a sweet mix of apple, cherry, peach, sugar maple and some hickory. Did a 3-1-2 smoke and it turned out damn good. Not fall off the bone but had a little pull to it. For the ABTs I put some left over pulled pork in the mixture and I think it enhanced the overall flavor if that makes sense. Here are the pics:

rubbed & ready

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Mmmm ....looks great Mark! Your helper is a real cutie. biggrin.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks good! Wish I'd had a couple of those ribs to go with my chili I just had. Fine looking helper too.icon_mrgreen.gif
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ABT's looked great - actually, so did the ribs!
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Nice looking smoke!
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They both look great!
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Nice Job, nothing better than ribs and ABT's
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Fine looking grub there !
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MMMMMmmmmm. Awesome. Im soooo glad Im not a vegetarian.
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