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Lil Chief

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I just got a lil chief for free. I work for my grandmas college roommate doing small chores for her but mostly just driving her around for errands.

She called me today and asked if I was interested in one because her friends heard I was enjoying smoking and didn't get much use of it anymore.

Looks pretty old so I am going to clean it up a bit and start cold smoking stuff asap.
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Give er a try. Good luck.
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I had one of those 25 years ago. Smoked a lot of fish and sausage in it. Good score.
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Grats! Hard to beat a free smoker.
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Congats! How bout some pics?
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The lil cheifs are good little smokers..... I have two that I started out with. Bought one used and found another one at spring cleanup. Free is always good.............Nice find.........Enjoy it...........
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A free smoker, that is a good deal. I have a big chief (aka, my space heater). Im sure the little chief is pretty much the same. I have smoked kielbasy, homemade breakfast sausage, eggs and many other things on mine with good results. Even a 10 pound turkey during the middle of Winter(that was a job). If I could suggest one thing you may find useful, its this. Make yourself some sort of insulatd cover for it as it will help hold the heat in. I used 6 inch home insulation on mine when I did the turkey. Wrapped the whole thing except the bottom 6 inches. Got the internal temp of the smoker up to 230. Neithr of these are made for this modification as I almost melted the plug in the back so be careful if you go this route. All in all, these are a decent smoker but for anything larger like brisquit, or heavy mass meat item, go with a smoker desinged for that. I am now building a offset just for that purpose. I will always use mine for small smokes, drying herbs, making jerky ect. Just my 2 cents.
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Free is one of my favorite words.....Congrats on the score and good luck
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i've got the instructions on .pdf if you want/need them. also includes some good-looking recipes. in my opinion the little chief is THE way to smoke cheese - easy and fool-proof.
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