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Weber lid mod complete (almost)

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Well I did it.

Here is the attachment complete. There are large nuts between the drum and the Weber kettle section to prevent twisting the kettle. there was a 1/4" gap I need to fill.

here is the gasket stuffed in the gap. I have Hi-Temp RTV, Red. Will wait and get something in black.

For those really tall smokes. The rotisserie ring.

The mod went well and the kettle stayed round and level. We will see this weekend, I'll be doing a pork shoulder if things go as planned.
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Nice Job..........It looks great! I like the rotisserie idea.......Think I will do the same!
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It looks like it's going to work well.
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Looks great1 PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

That's exactly what I want to do to mne especially with the rotisserie ring.

I just have to see if I can talk my neighbor out of her Weber. wink.gif

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Where do you find old weber grills for this mod?

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Behind the shed. I am a packrat. I bought this one new 18 yrs ago. Chopped off the legs when my sister gave me their "nice" red kettle. I took the shortened one camping. Now it gave its life to fulfill a UDS. The ultimate reincarnation.
I do see them on Craigslist all the time for $20-40.
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Best time to look for one is during "Spring Cleanup" days in your community.......In our throw away society these days you should be able to find one..........Flea Markets (Swap Meets, Tag Sales) are always an option...........And of course Craig's List usually works.

Good Luck, John
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Looking at the rotisserie modification I noticed that the section which holds the rotisserie bracket was placed between the lid and the rim of the old kettle grill which you installed. Where did the section with the bracket come from?

Thanks, John
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That is a Weber original rotisserie. Came with the rod, motor and adapter ring.
Guess what? It is not reciprocal with the Genesis grill. The turned section of the rod are spaced for the kettle not the gasser.
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Thanks RW,

I have a universal rotisserie which I am going to try to adapt. Looks like an adapter ring will have to be fabricated.

Take care, John
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spring clean up is great we have that in our area as well, I was there getting rid of my junk and got 2 webers in a matter of the 15 min I was there.

Thats a great idea with the rotisserie ring. Nice looking drum
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