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smoked lake trout/whitefish w-qview

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smoking the lakers and a couple whitefish we caught this past weekend up in ontario. first the victims.

cut up, one whitefish into slabs, other into steaks. the lake trout steaked the forward half with the rib sections and filleted the tail sections

the mixings for the brine

pieces were pretty thick so i did a 36 hour soak, need to do to your personal taste.

a 4-6 hour soak in fresh water

rinse fish off and pat dry and place on racks to allow the pellicle to form. i set mine on table under ceiling fan for air flow.

lake trout steaks

tail section fillets, i think you can see the shiney pellicle coating forming in the picture

the gosm is pretty full

the brine recipie is:

smoked fish brine

2 3/4 cups pickling salt
10 qts cold water-use good water
1 cup brown sugar
2 tbls garlic salt

soak avg sized pieces 24 hrs, soak in fresh water 1 hour

big thick pieces of fish, may require more time and smaller less. once out of brine set on a rack with a fan blowing across fish til outside of fish dry, a coating will form on it called the "pellicle", is now ready for smoker. i also like to rub some brown sugar on the meat

will be back later with finish pix
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Looks great, Erain. Looking forward to seeing the results. biggrin.gif
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I can already tell, those are gonna be good!
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whitefish fillets and steaks, steaks will be vacpacked and frozen for use in a fish boil this spring.

trout steaks

tail fillets, i used a garlic/pepper grind i had just to try out on a couple of them

on a ritz, that lake trout has such a nice pretty orange flesh

thanks for ckin out my thread and pix!!!
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Nice job, Erain. It looks delicious. biggrin.gif
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Jeez erain those look real nice.
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Wow Erain they look tasty, good job and nice Q-view.
what was your choice of wood? If ya mentioned it I missed it.
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yummm looks real good erain.
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Looking good!
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fantastic looking fish.
And then eating it on a ritz cracker lol

have to admit I love hot smoked fish in sarnies, hmmmm

Now if that had been cowgirls plate.... (with fruit) ;-)

But you can't beat the satisfaction of seeing the fish right from icey lake to cracker. You're a fortunate man and no mistake :-)
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On man does that look good. Thanks for making me hungry for smoked fish at 8:30 AM. Great job!
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Mmmmm Erain! Looks perfect! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifbiggrin.gif

CA... I like fruit. lol
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sorry i forgot to mention i used cherry.
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Awesome looking fish PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great lookin fish Erain! Is it okay to brine in stainless steel? Can ya brine previously frozen fish?
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Excellent PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks Great E!!!
Been lookin forward to this thread....and wasn't disappointed!!!
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Very nice Erin definitely looks like good eats biggrin.gif

BTW did you use your new toy?
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NICE! I've smoked up some great fish, never lake trout. I never saw such an orange fish! A buddy of mine gives me regular trout in the spring that I smoke up for him. He then mixes the trout as a dip for on crackers, I think cream cheese and some other stuff. It's a great dip that people LOVE!
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