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Little view of the most recent batch. Not much Q view cause my hands are always covered in goo...
Stuffing with a stuffer was much better than with a grinder. They are going into the freezer for summer weather and grilling
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I have the same problem with pics of sausage. At least you can take some pics as you cook them.biggrin.gif
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Get yerself some of those cheap plastic 'gloves' (like they use at subway).
They slip on and off pretty easy.
Great lookin brats Rio!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looking good, Jeff.
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Looks good glad to see your putting all that equipment to work
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nice lookin brat Rio, would you care to share some?
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Absolutely,, stop by and I will cook some up for you!!
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Great looking brauts. I need to take Grothe's advice and get some gloves next time I do mine. I usually go thru the wifes entire dish towel collection wiping my hands off and my shirt looks like I got blasted my a meat cannon LOL.
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Brought 4 patties that were left in the bottom of the stuffer to work tonight and the guys still in flipped for them. Kept bragging about the texture and flavor... I am looking forward to seeing how they taste on the grill or soaked in some beer and kraut!!
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Look real good Rio. Nice job! I got to get busy and make some soon.
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Great looking product! The stuffer makes a big difference, doesn't it?! Maintains the integrity of the meat vs. churning it into mush.
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Looks great, Rio! You need to find someone to take the pics for you. Those links look good enough for you to hire a professional.
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Way to go Jeff!
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