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Weber lid on the UDS?

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I am proceeding w/this mod. I am looking for some help concerning exhaust. Should I drill 4 more 1/2 inch holes in the Weber lid to match the 8 holes in the UDS lid? Or stick with the original 4 holes w/ damper control?
I am leaning on leaving the original holes and drilling 4 more 1/2 inchers.
My concern is stale smoke from insufficient draft. Unstable temps due to lack of draft.
This is a mod that will not allow me to use the UDS lid after it is complete. I have cut 3 inches from the upper lip of the kettle portion of an old Weber. I will bolt this 3 inch band to the inner UDS. It will extend above the UDS lip by at least an inch. I will fill any gaps with gasket rope and silicone.
Any help would be great.
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I just used the original holes that where in the lid and did not add any more. Seems to work fine for me
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Instead of bolting it to the drum, why couldn't you get it set in place and attach the gasket rope with the hi-temp silicone so it could be removeable.....??

Just an idea....

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Just use the lid as is.
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Not all drums are created alike.....and Weber kettle lids don't fit every drum tightly.....PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif
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Considering this,

The lid should fit as if it were on the Weber grill itself. Plus he was asking about the exaust part of the lid; it will be fine
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Do either of you guys notice any issues with hot spots under the vents?

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Can't say I've noticed. The outer portion of the grate runs around 40 degrees lower than the middle but as I have read that seems perfectly normal.

Are you having this issue Dave?
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as Rickw said the grate is cooler toward the outside of the drum other than that I never really checked
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifGood discussion, thanks. My drum seems a little large in diameter. My Weber lid almost falls into the drum. With the Weber lid on, there is a 1/2 inch air gap on one side of the radius. The band I cut from the kettle fits very loosely inside the drum, right to the rolled edge. That is why I need to raise the band, and cannot just set it in.
I may be able to just stuff the rope and silicone, however I think it might fall or dislodge when I move the UDS in and out of the garage. That is why I would like to make it permanent.
I will post pics of my issues tomorrow, hopefully.
Again, my main concern is the exhaust issue with less holes.
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Oh ya, but don't worry about it, just a drum thing. cool.gif

Original vent in Weber lid is fine.
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I would listen to bubba with the 12 UDS's and counting I think that would make him the kingicon_eek.gif
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My Weber lid works just fine with its existing vent holes.....Then again my lid fits my drum top without any gaps.....Good Luck with your modification.
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