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Man that is deeep! But I hear ya.....I have been running this thing for 2 years now and in the winter I just cant quite dial er in. Great advice every one....I don't know what to say, I am so mechanically inclined that I figured that since they where made at the same plant that they should run the same, but as Eric said.....they all kinda take on thier own identity an characteristic's, I should know that from other innate objects that I own, boats, trucks, Barbecue, pellet stove, table saw....need I go on? I will just make some mods (minor) and use "her" like I should.....stuff my sausage in and let her ride........Pizza Fatties tomorrow, for my birthday dinner. Thanks again everybody, great site!
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I think you'll be on track there...you just gotta find that sweet spot and roll with it. Think of your smoker as a woman...if she's happy, you'll be happy...it's the finding out what makes her happy that can be a task in a class by itself! LOL!!!

Glad to hear you're gonna put out some more Q soon. I'll be here with you for an all dayer' myself. Butts, Chuckie, and ABTs, to name most of it (there's more).

Keep it thin & blue!

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