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I got questions??

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first what is the most common used cut of beef for jerky?
next what is a good temp range?
and last I will need a few good recipes from your secret books please.

I have never smoked jerky before but would really like to try it.
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Use the cheapest, leanest cut you can find. As far as temp, anything over 150 and you'll just cook it instead of drying.
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as it says I use this recipe for all meats.
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Eye of round, top round, and bottom round are my favorites depending on which is cheapest. Chuck has too much fat plus I think it should be illegal not to smoke and pull a chuckie.
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White Cloud you say in you step by step that you smoke jerky at 175-190 but I hear that over 150 is to high and you will just cook the meat. Have you ever had any problems with a higher temp as far as the way the jerky turns out?
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I may have been a bit hasty in saying over 150 would cook the meat. The dehydrator manual suggests 140 degrees for jerky. That's basically what I was going by. I've never done any over the 140.
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your slow cooking jerky-at low temps-only add a couple hrs. of smoke maybe forth and fifth hr.u smoke much more and will be overpowering.
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