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I've been smoking Italian sausage for a friend who uses hog casings. I don't think I get the smoke penetration I should get into the sausage also they are very chewy. My question is: would I get better smoke penetration with an other type of casing and not be so chewy?
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hmmmm-I use hog and never find mine chewy-as far as smoke are you cold or hot smoking-I hot smoke and seem to get plenty of flavor in there-than again mine are in there for 12 hrs-maybe andy will see this and have some help.and ya theres always callogen caseings. just pulled the bible out-says somtimes u get tough caseings-says to rinse flush and refridge overnite-says also to bring heat up gradualy-don't put sausage in a HOT smoke area.hope this helps
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Hog casing is what I use and have been happy with them.
Let us know the temps you are starting the italian at in the smoker, when and the temps you are applying the smoke and what temp you are pulling the italian at?
Also, when you are grinding the sausage, which plates or plates are you using?
Knowing this info might help us guide you to a non-chewy smoked italian sausage !!!
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I start the smoke at 160 and after 2 hours take to 180 pull the sausage at 160 internal and cool. The guy I smoke it for loves is me that thinks the casings are tough or chewy.
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I always start mine at 130 degrees for at least an hour to allow the sausage to dry somewhat, then increase the temp to 170 until the IT is 152. I have tried to sneak my smoker up to 180 before to speed things up but it always resulted in the casings being a little tougher. I think if you start with lower temps you will get better smoke penetration as well.

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Soak your casings for at least an hour, rinse well, inside and out, and add a few drops of vinegar while they're soaking, the acid softens them.
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I did some research after posting and I think you are on to it.. Like I said this is someone elses sausage so I'll see if he is willing to add a litle vinegar to the casing soak. Thanks
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