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How ? What ?

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I just bought a used Brinkmann smoker and don't know haow to use it. It has a bowl on the bottom and 1 in the middle and the rack on top. I don't know what to do with any of it. Advise ?
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Here is a link to Brinkmans page of owners' manuals. That should be a good start!

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Probably not as old as this one:

Around 30 years old

Concentrate on just the top rack to start.
Get an internal digital meat probe with 3 foot cord at Wal-Mart
Never fill the water pan full. 3/4 at best, less for short smokes
Cold weather use playbox sand, cover with a sheet of foil to catch drips
Do some mods on it.


Also, remember to watch the smoke

Good smoke on right, bad smoke on left
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Might need a bit more info. Please give some more details about the brinkman so we know what model you are using.
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