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Venison Hash on a Biscuit

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I made venison hash using some of the venison pastrami I made the other day...

Fried some tatos, onions and venison pastrami.....

My venison hash on a biscuit, topped with creamy gravy...
Also some fruit and scrambled eggs...
I used one of my nice paper plates.

It was pretty tasty!
Thanks for checking out my breakfast on a biscuit. :)
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Looks great! Is that all the gravy you had? It takes about one quart to really do it justice. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Looks delicious and nice pics. You have the identical china and pattern that we do !!!
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That looks so good but Venison is good with what you make lololol


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Jeanie, you're killing me. I've got two picnic shoulders in the smoker, and all I've had is two small hot links. You really know how to hurt a guy. Enjoy your day Jeanie. The weather may get nasty... but you always remain a lady.
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As always........

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Jeannie, you should have your own cooking show. I would record it and look at it a hundred times. This is another fine meal you have blessed us with. Thanks for sharing.
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WOW! Let me say that again WOW!
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Thank you folks! It was a pretty tasty breakfast.

Bassman, I added more gravy after I took the picture. lol

Marty, I love this kind of china. wink.gif

Dave, I sure do like venison...I have two deer in the freezer, so I'm pretty happy. :)

Rich, Can't wait to see your 2 pork shoulders, I know they are going to be awesome. Thank you my friend. wink.gif

Dave...you sure are a young lookin' fella. Thanks..biggrin.gif

Chadpole, we sure have been missing you here. Nice to see you!

Cigarbque...thank you!! cool.gif
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Dag nab it now that's brea fiss.
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Thanks V! Good to see ya. :)
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I second that. Super nice looking food. People pay for that type of stuff.
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Scott...thank you! Good to see you too! biggrin.gif
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That looks great wheres my plate biggrin.gif
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Jeanie, wow, looks like a perfect breakfast! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thank you Piney and RSands, I'd share with ya if you lived closer. :)
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Great breakfast Jeanie...You'd put all the restaurants around here out of business!!
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lol I doubt that Gene, but thank you!! biggrin.gif
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Another fine job cowgirl. Don't let old quart low, Chadpole, talk you into anything.
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Looks tasty but I got to post a recipe to teach you how to make tatters.icon_smile.gif
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