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What to do?????

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I posted this in roll cal, so maybed some have read it, but I am on the fence on what to do and need help. I am worried about the gas smoker in the cold of winter, and if it will get too hot for summer sausage, and hot dogs.
"I have been smoking for 5 years or so, but just deer sausage. I currently own a MES. I have used this smoker for 2 years, and about 500lbs of sausage (plus one turkey). Well it was full of ring bolonga, and the element went out. Master built says that the electric element is non-replaceable, and that I have to buy a whole new cabinet. Well I am now thinking that I don't want to have electric smoker because in my price range the MES is the only smoker that I have found that is well liked, and I want to start doing other types of meat and can't have that element broke all the time. So my question is with a gas smoker will the sausage turn out ok at the temps that a gas smoker will stay at (200-225 from what I have been told)? If so does anyone have expierence with smoke hollow smokers at smoker would come highly rated? Also how do gas smokers work when it is windy? Any info is welcome. Thanks in advance."
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I have a propane GOSM and love it. I can maintain temps from 180-350+ you can get it lower by using a needle valve but I havent purchased one yet. I Have smoked in the snow and have no problems keeping it up to temp. Good luck with your purchase
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Ryan get a cake pan and add a few charcoal briquettes and chips cover it with foil poke some holes in the foil and try that in your mes you may have to play with the number of briquettes for the temp you want but it beats just throwing it away. This is also how many cold smoke in a propane smoker because they do tend to run too hot in the summer. I have a GOSM propane and I really like it but I am also building a smokehouse for cold smoking
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Ryan - I've got a GOSM that I insulated it and use a needle valve plus built a wind break for it and I can maintain temps down to 130 degs. with no problem .
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I've never had any problems maintaining 150-180*. I use charcoal if I need to go lower for cheese.
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I got a GOSM and have no problem smoking in the cold....I've smoked as cold as -8 below zero with no problems. You burn a little more gas when it is that cold but I have no problem holding temps at 125* up to 225* when it is that cold. I have done a lot of venison sausage and snack sticks with great results. I have done no mods. to my GOSM neither. It is one of the older models. The model # is 3600GB. A freind of mine has a GOSM and his is made of a lighter gauge metal than what mine is. His is alot lighter than mine is and holds temps. in the 180-190* on low.

I am very happy with mine !!!

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