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Cooler Rest for Butt

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If I pull an 8 pound butt when it hits 205 and throw it in the cooler, how long can it rest before it needs to be pulled and eaten? What is lowest temp in which it should be eaten or put in the fridge so it does not start going bad or growing bacteria?

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How long do you want to wait to eat? I have heard people here that have left them in the cooler for 4 or 5 hours and still be hot.
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I might want to wait three to five hours if possbile...
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should not be a problem just wrap it in tin foil then in a bath towel and into the cooler. use a smaller cooler if possible
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Thanks for the heads up!
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I let one in about the 5 hour mark before with no issues at all.

It was still glove hot to pull and excellent.


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I kept an 8 pound rib roast for 5 hours and was hot and juicy when I took it out! I had towels in with it.
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Right on. In the cooler with that sucker. Fool proof. Pull and eat when your buzz gets just right. I always push beer and smoke. Its the responsible thing to do!!
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I believe you are safe until you get down near 140. Below that is the danger zone. so the amount of time will vary depending on how good your cooler is.
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Ditto.I pull at 185-190 if i rest 2-4 hours.
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ive done catering jobs with smoked butt and put 6 in a medium cooler i have and they were 160 after 8 hours. AMAZING! I have a smaller cooler for singles and ive had them hold at above 145 for 3 hours.. the smaller cooler also had thinner walls and i do not pre warm the smaller cooler with hot water first, if you warm the cooler by pouring hot water 180 degrees and let the water warm the cooler for 30 minutes you can get an extra 1 to 2 hours out of the warmth because it doesnt take the heat of the meat away from the meat to warm the cooler. remember everytime you open it to peek you shorten the holding time and lower the temperature.
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Correct info - Bacteria multiply rapidly and best between 39°F and 140°. That is known as the "Danger Zone". Any food that stays in that zone for 4 hours should not be eaten and should be thrown out.

BTW - I've had butts still be 170° after 4 hours in a cooler.

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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.....and use as many towels as you can in your cooler.....even toss them in the dryer on high for a bit, if you think you'll need the extra holding time. Everything you put in the cooler HOT will help increase the time you can wait.
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