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Hello from central Illinois

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Hello! My name is Andy and I am from Peoria, IL. I am new to this fantastic hobbie and just learning. I currently have a Brinkman Gourmet electric smoker, but am in the process of moving up. I am leaning towards the Char Griller Super Pro with side fire box. Is there a better product in the $200-250 range? So far, this site has been extremely helpful and I look forward to your help in creating better meat!
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Welcome to the forum Andy! I'm not familiar with the Char Griller, but someone who is will be along to answer your questions.
Good to have you aboard. :)
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA.......Buy what you can afford......You will learn the intricacies of any smoker just by using it.
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Welcome to SMF, Andrew. I can't answer your question, but someone will be along shortly who can. You'll find these folks are very helpful. biggrin.gif
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Nice to meet another Illinoisan on here! I'm Matt from southern IL (Carbondale area). I too have the electric Brinkmann. Smoking some spare ribs on it right now - our valentine's day dinner. I got the smoker last March as a birthday present. I've had tons of fun using it!

Hope you enjoy this forum as much as I do. Lots of very helpful people here.
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Andy, looks like you'll be all set come this summer. Glad to have you with us at the DMF.
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Welcome fellow Illinoisian! Chicago burbs here! I have a char-griller Super Pro with SFB. I absolutely love it! The cast iron grates are awesome! I haven't modded it, but there are plenty of threads on here about modifying the CGSP. Ones a sticky in the charcoal smoker subforum. Check it out!
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Welcome Andy! Nice to see all the Illinois folks chiming in, I'm from Chi 'burbs.
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welcome from another Illinoisan, Im just north of Peoria about
40 miles. you will be able to find all the info you need here to make you a pro in no time!
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Welcome to the forums, Andy. You'll find lots of good folks here with all kinds of help to offer.
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Glad to have you here at SMF, Andy. This is a great hobby and a perfect site to feed it! Looking forward to your future posts and qvue.
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Welcome aboard from an ex Illinoisan.
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Welcome to the forum from another Illinoisian. This forum has answers to any questions you might have. So enjoy !!!!biggrin.gif
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Hey Andy, ...Welcome, I too am from Illinois Near Petersburg, just north of Springfield. You will love this sight. If you need any help just drop me a private message
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Welcome aboard Andy, be careful this hobby is addictive!
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