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UDS Layout

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For those of you who are particular (anal PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif ) about the placement of your holes on your UDS I submit this layout that I found on another forum.

For full size of 21.8" square resize it to 2093 pixels square. It doesn't really matter if the resolution gets grainy. You can still see the lines. I printed a copy on the plotter at work but I imagine if you have a Kinko's close by you could get them to print it for you. Cut out the circle and lay it on top of the drum and mark away.

Not really a big deal for dividing the drum into thirds but it is very helpful for the 8 lid holes if you go that way.

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Yikes!......................I'm dizzy!
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I would like to add I drilled out my air intake holes with a 3/4" hole saw and my nipples threaded right into barrel. It was by luck but felt genius. You know after 6 beers and something comes together its genius. Well, here it is. LOL.
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