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Chuckie time

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Got a 4.42 lb chuckie I'm going to smoke. Trying to decide whether to sear or not. Leaning toward not. Basic rub. 225 degrees. take it to 160. Slice some and back on to 205 to pull the rest. would like to fing some cherry and apple to go along with my hickory. any other suggestions?

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I did two of them a few weeks ago. At Sam's that's the way they're packaged. I didn't sear, just rubbed and smoked.
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I smoked two chuckies over the wknd and didn't sear either of them. Rubbed both of them with montreal steak seasoning and let them go until 160, then foiled and smoked until internal hit 205.

Your choice of wood sounds good as well as the rest of the plan. One question, do you have a mop or a spritz for sir chuck as it climbs to 160? You'll want to use somthing to avoid the meat from drying out.
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Alright no sear. Going to try to find some apple/cherry chunks.
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I second sumosmoke. I foil em too. I sometimes use beer instead of making up a mop sauce.
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I, too, am doin' the chucky thing this weekend. Although I sear em to get that big beefy flavor w/ the smoke (hickory for me), I definately agree on the foil and the mop...I use a tad bit of melted butter mixed with beer and a tablespoon of kitchen bouquet browning sauce. Best of luck.icon_smile.gif
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Bought some Jack Daniels the other day. I think some Oak and maybe Apple wood with the Jack and (something) mop might be good. I know apple juice works well with pork but I think something heavier for beef! Any suggestions?
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Happy Valentines day all, especially the ladies wink.gifwink.gif .. Jeanie, Dawn, Laurel, MissLee, Miss Louie and others. Sorry guys, but hey, you understand!! biggrin.gif
Chuckies are on at 1135. Her are a few pics. More to follow. Did a EVOO, CBP, Kosher salt, garlic rub. Going at 225-230 w/ hickory chunks (couldn't find apple or cherry chunks). Pan to catch drippings, water in the pan. Any suggestions on mop ... don't do alcohol in mop (a couple of non-drinkers who would rather not have it)?

Thanks for looking.
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No advice on the mop? biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Use beef broth if you have it. Add some cbp, garlic and salt if needed. icon_smile.gif
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Dawn ... did your mop and added some balsamic vinegar as well. Brought to a boil and simmered then mopped.
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The alchohol will evaporate out of mops with the cooking temps so don't worry bout that in the future. We use bourbon, whiskey , rum and wine for the flavor, not the booze factor.wink.gif
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Here's a mop that I've used in the past and it contains zero alcohol.

1 stick of butter melted
juice of 1 lemon
worchester sauce

Melt butter in a sauce pan and add the lemon juice. Mix well and then add the worchester... how much do you ask?? Add enough worchester to get the liquid a nice golden brown color ... Really tastes good as a mop on chuckies, and steaks on the grill!!!

Looks like ya got a good start on the chucks and thanks for the Valentines Day wishes! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Yeah Dan ... I know but they don't seem to get that concept. biggrin.gif So I stopped fighting the fight.

Sumo ... I like your mop also ... will try next time .. Thanks
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OK ... After a little over 10 hours, the 4.42 chuckie finally hit 160 (at 9:45pm). Temps were 225-235 throughout. Did not foil. Mopped every hour or so. It was good, but not great and not as tender as it should have been. I'm guessing foiling might have helped and that this wasn't the best piece of chuck. However, the DWBB and slaw was awesome .. as usual. Here are a couple of pics to finish out the QVIEW.

Still can't get the DA** pics to post directly. Just won't copy and paste from photobucket as I have always done. Frustrating!! PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

Thanks for looking.
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Just copy and paste the IMg code at the bottom.

Looks great.
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Nice job. biggrin.gif Aren't chuckies good?
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