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Sams Masterbuilt Shipping?

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I just went to order the new masterbuilt from sams online and found out shipping is going to be 92 bucks. Does that sound right? Has anyone else had one shipped? I have a hard time dropping 400 bucks when i know people that bought the 30 inch model from bass pro for 129 back at Christmas. Has anybody tried to get them to deliver one to the store to save shipping?
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I saw it last Sunday at our local Sam's in FW - would it be cheaper just to drive to your nearest one and pick it up yourself? (Of course, call them first to make sure it's in stock).
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Walmart has a ship to store option for items not in stock and there is no shipping fee. Wonder if they would do the same at Sams
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I checked online at 6 different sams locations within 4 hours of me and none of them carry the smoker in stock. I also called to see if they would do like Walmart does and he said no. I guess I am out of luck. If I'm going to spend that kind of money I'll just go to Bass Pro and buy the 40 inch model from there and take it straight home. I hate to do that though when i know it can be bought at sams for 298. This bites.
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Was in the same situation almost 2 months ago. The closes sam's was 155miles one way and I had to become a member to. Paid more than I wanted to but it's mine all mine. gl icon_smile.gif
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I would call Corporate Headquarters. I am assuming they have them in the warehouse and since the store doesn't carry them, they should get one to the store you want.

I would complain to holy hell.

Good luck.
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Ask them if they will match Bass Pro, if not then you're going to Bass pPro. They may bend your way.
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If ya really wanna get nasty about it, tell corporate you talked to the manager and he refused to help you or to offer any assistance or information on how you could possibly obtain it - they'll bend over backwards to help you then!
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I live in Canada, Cabelas shipped my 7 in 1 masterbuilt to me for $12.95

They also quoted $12.95 shipping for the 30 inch Masterbuilt but I found one in Canadian tire for the same price and it was only a mile from my house.

You get an even better deal if you live in the States. Cabelas will ship the 30 inch anywhere in the Lower 48 for $5.00 flat rate if the order is over $150.00. They don't carry the 40 inch yet , but I think this gives you an idea about the Sams shipping rates. PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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MES at sams

The sams here didn't carry the mes either.
the mgr didn't want to help me so i called corperate headquarters and got customer service and they put me on 3 way w/ the local
mgr and in a nut shell told her to get me my smoker. she called me 3 times in a week to let me know the progress on finding my smoker . took 6 days and it was here .i told them that i knew they had the smoker in new mexico and i live in louisiana but i want that smoker.
suprise , they found the same smoker in north louisiana about 6 hrs from me .
No charge for shipping.
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Mes w/ window in door

the mes that you want is a sams club exslusive so don't let them bully you.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I figured they would bend.

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