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SAMS Masterbuilt

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I have been looking and inquiring at my local Sams to no avail. But I did notice today that they finally added the model to the website. Here is the link.

Now that I have found it I just have to convince my wife to let me order one.
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I saw them at our Sam's Club yesterday. They had several on the floor at $299.00 (see through door).
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I like that see through door. I wonder if it holds heat as well as the ones with a solid door.
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It's always better to ask for forgivness than ask for permission.biggrin.gif
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lowcountrygamecock do what I did. I been showing my wife the bradly 6 rack stainless and she was reluctant. after showing her the MES with the window she has given me permission to get it before I change my mind.
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I love mine, but the damn thing just quit again!icon_evil.gif
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Sams MES Warranty

Does anybody know how the 3 year warranty works? Is that honored through Sams or masterbuilt?
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Not sure about the insulation difference but if you don't keep it clean after every use it will be of no value.
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What's so great about the MES? I've seen them at SAM's, but didn't know why folks like them so well. Do you need pellets or something special with them?
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It is through Sam's Club.

No pellets, chips or chunks. I use chunks, cheaper, and last longer.
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I just my MES 30" at It does'nt have the glass door, but is only $218 and free shipping. I ordered it on Tusday and Fed Express delivered it at 3:00 on Thursday. I have only used it twice, but am real happy with it.
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I don't know where you live Papa Jim, no profile filled out, buy Cabela's has the black MES going on sale for $159.00, we just got the flyer today, I think the sale starts this weekend
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