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UDS plans needed

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Anyone have some good plans? or know where I can find some.
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Here is a good place to start
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Here is a great tutorial from a different sight:
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look at DDave's UDS 1.0a thread in the Charcoal section.
Good stuff and read all uds stuff, write down good ideas and go fdor it.
Worked for me, good luck
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Thank you. But most of the information I used came from the link BandCollector posted. Was done by a guy going by the username of Norcoredneck. Looks like he is a member here but hasn't posted in a long time.

That, and I asked BBQ Bubba quite a few questions along the way. biggrin.gif

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It wasn't that long ago that I pestered a group of people on this board with endless questions. Problem is, that I few a few more to ask.

Here is a link with my build complete with pics. EDIT: I don't know what happened but this thread was over 4 pages long and dang near 40 pictures. It has been pruned to 2 pages long.) Bummer :(
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Anything that you added to the thread between 10-10-2008 and the time the forum came back up would have been lost in the restore.

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Oh.... that explains it. Well here is a link to my Smugmug site with pictures and no narration.
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Yep.. Norco will know anything you need to know about building one. He is a good guy. biggrin.gif
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