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cuban sandwich anyone making em

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I love butts but want to try something new. I have just smoked a new recipe garlic lime butt with a chilpolte sauce Wow all I could think about was how good it would be in a cuban sandwich. Any good recipes on here???

The garlic lime butt was easy.

Make a simple marinade of sazon, 8 limes,and 1 whole garlic head and a good bunch of fresh cilantro. I marinate using a vacuum sealer and inject the butt with some or the marinade. Smoke away till 200 easy on the smoke we got tons of flavor here.

I make a sauce with (sorry, I made it to taste no measurements here) mayo,mustard powder,a little sugar,paprika,splash of vinegar and a can of chilpotle peppers in adobo sauce. wow what a subtle kick of heat.
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Cubans are huge here(Tampa area) with just pork,ham, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard on good cuban bread, pressed. IMO if you ad tomatoes, lettuce, or anything else it's not a cuban its just a regular sub.
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Never heard of em but they sound Yummy!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I had a damn fine Cuban at Granite City Brewery. I like the Ciabatta it's served on.They don't press them and only toast the inside of the bread. Toasted on the outside tears the roof of my mouth up.
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Love em!

Love Cuban sandwiches...last time I made one I used my canadian bacon...I know not that close to Cuba!!!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif Then I rolled it in a tortilla!!
Damn that was good!!!
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Check out the ingredients in Sazon. I think you'll find MSG. Not a bad thing if you are not allergic but there's lots that are.

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My two favorite sammies, a Cuban pressed and a Ruben.

I discovered cuban sammies a few years ago in FL. Put some sliced banana peppers on them as well. The banana peppers seem to work much better than a jalapeno with all the flavors and textures of a cuban.

I make my own out here. I have only found one place that makes them and it wasn't really a cuban and it wasn't very good.
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I make em in the grill. One day I'll make a pork Roast on the rotisserie. With the leftovers I make the cuban's, I preheat 2 cast iron pots and a foil wrapped brick. I assemble the sandwich buttering both sides, place one in the fry pan the other pan on top and the brick inside that. I'm about due for one soon.
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that sounds like a great other thing, maybe it's just me but I seem to like the minimalist cubans around here...not loaded with meat and toppings just a thin layer of each meat and not too much condiments. I think a big part of a good cuban is having good cuban bread.
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Wheres the pictures of all these Cubans for us westerners. Somebody q-view one up!
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Great idea, pics?
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Everybody here knows what bubba would say if he was here...............

Lets see some pics, please.
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