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Been looking but kept procrastinating but ordered mine on the 19th and is supposed to be in the store by the 9th of next month. Must be shipped a slower way. I ordered the 4th season of Stargate Alantis at the same time and it says it will be here on the 25th of this month.
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I just bought the 16" GOSM at local Wal Mart last week for $74. They had the larger one for $130.
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This is what I wanted to do, but no Wal Mart within 150 miles had one. The site-to-store order was my only option.
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I was just Menard's today and they have the larger one for @149.00 . Don't know if you are near one though.
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Thanks, Scooby. I live in Oklahoma, I think the nearest Menards is in Central Missouri.
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I looked on Wal Mart website and it said no GOSM in any WalMart within 100 miles. I stoped at the store 15 miles from me and looked around in their lawn and garden dept. and found a few of them.
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My Walmart has the one that regularly sells for $98 on clearance for $74.00.
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Reeally? See, this is the problem with tryin to save time by shoppin on-line. Makes me wonder what I'll find when I go down to the local Wally and see what's actually in the store. Guess it doesn't matter now, I've placed the order.
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You can see online if they carry it. Mine had one of the smaller ones 2 years ago. Now none within a 100 miles have it. The have some kind of charcoal roaster tho.
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Since the forum has been down, I haven't been able to update. My GOSM arrived several days ago. I got her all assembled, but still want to do some initial mods, all of which I have learned about here at SMF. Mods I will definitly be doing: locking casters or a wheeled cart of some kind, a better thermometer than the factory model, and probably a bigger wood/smoke box (coffee can or cake pan of some kind). I plan to do my first smoke in it this weekend, and then decide if I need other mods, such as insulating it with something like Hardy backerboard. I'm not great with the wife's digital camera, but I plan to try posting some pics. This forum has been a great source of ideas. Thanks for all the info.
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Congrats on choosing the 20" model, you won't be sorry.
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