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Where to get a GOSM?

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Okay, I'm a newbie here. I've been smokin with a New Braunfels offset pit for about a year and a half. I've been thinking of buying a gas unit. Everyone seems to really like the GOSM's, but I can't find one. Every place I have looked online says "currently unavailable". I read in a customer review (somewhere) that the company is out of business. Anyone know if you can still buy one of these, and if yes, then where? Also, anyone use a comparable gasser to the GOSM that they like as well?

I see smoke rings in my sleep!
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Gas Smoker

They Have Them At Wal Mart In Indiana Where I Live At
Might Go On Line And See If They Can Ship Site To Store For You
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I hope you can find a GOSM, mighty scare now a days. As an alternate, you might consider the Smoke Vault. I'ts got a good rep from our members and as far as I know is still going strong.
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I have also heard that there aren't many left. The Smoke Vault is an awsome smoker. Sprotsman's Warehouse here has them on sale right now for $259.00 for the 24" like mine. They also have the new one that is imprinted on the door with "Browning".
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I got mine off craigslist last year used but in great shape, half the cost of new. it is an older model and the metal thinkness is about twice that of the newer units. I saw a couple at wally world over the winter also, you can try their online store. Bass pro shop has a couple of look alike models, but you will pay for the bps shopping experience too.

Good Luck and happy smokin'
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I just got my gosm a few weeks ago from the walmart website. Had it shipped to store, which is free. Took about a week.

Just checked, they are still in stock for $157.
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Is there any difference in the GOSM (great outdoors smokey mountain) and the Great Outdoors Grill Co.Smokey Mountain Gas Smoker?Walmart has the latter.My Walmart has four and on line its 157.00. I can get one for 98.00, but are they the same smoker???
Charles T.
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vertical smoker

Here's the deal!! Academy Sports has an all stainless steel model for $128.00! It has rib racks and other extras. It just can't be beat!! I'm talking gas.

Go get'em while they are available....................

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Walmart is the best bet. I doubt if you'll find the Big Block but if not look for the GOSM 3405BGW. It's 20" wide and will do what ya need to do. If you can find the big block tho, get it!

Look for the free shipping to a store near you. Saves ya some bucks that way.
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sears sells a gosm look-a-like for about $150.00 if i remember correctly--check their website......
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I got my gosm at walmart. Worth checking out.

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V, yours is better than the quote from Blazing Saddles, but I couldn't help but think of it reading your post.

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Same smoker two different sizes, 98.00 is for 16" model 157.00 is for 20" model. I highly recommend you get the 20" model, you will most likely regret it if you go with the 16".
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That's funny.
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Blazing Saddles always reminds me of Cleavon Little asking where the white women were at.
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Try Bass Pro...I got mine at xmas time, but they might not have any left anymore, but worth a try...

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Who makes the GOSM now? I thought the company went out business early last year. Walmart.com still has them. If gone they must have bought a heck of lot of them.
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occasionaly i still see a big block at bass pro shops
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I found the GOSM 3605G Saturday at Menards, a home improvement chain similar to Lowe's. It's a 16" wide model and the price was $149; Menard's stock number is 617-5577 or 619-5577 (I forget which). I found it in Marion, Ohio, but they have stores all over the northern midwest.
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OK, after endless comparison shoppin, I pulled the trigger and ordered the 20" GOSM off the Wal Mart website last night. Had it shipped to my local store to save the shipping costs. Supposed to be here in a week to 10 days. Thanks for everyone's .02. I'll be picking yall's brains s'more about mods when it comes.
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