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First bacon

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I am making my first bacon. I used insta cure and followed directions. I was afraid to use too much as it warns against it. My boss sees it in our beer fridge and she is worried it is spoiled. I pulled it today after 4 days. Some of it is a little brown but still red in the middle. There is no stink to it but some of it has a goo. I have iced rinsed it and am going to re apply a cure with maple syrup. Should I be worried?

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If it spoils it will smell. The meat tends to get a little gray when curing. If you cure it too long it will get bright red and a little hard. I think your fine. Keep curing for another couple days if it is a belly or a few more days if it is a shoulder. I can't tell from the picture how thick it is. The meat will be firm and not spongy when cured.

Keep the q-view coming.
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Who's directions did ya use Azrocker? And what cut of meat is it? More info would help, but if it's only been in there 4 days I'm sure it's not spoiled...heck it should be good for close to a week without a cure.
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It is belly and it is about 2 inches thick. I used the directions on the box and a recipe I found online. I used 1 tbs per 5 pounds with bradley cure. I bought 30 pounds and used half of it so I had a good idea what I had. I think the gray might be pepper.
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Is the brown color from brown sugar maybe?
I'm far from an expert, but the different colors in the pic look odd.
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I think the smell is a good indicator. I rinsed it and re cured it. Thanks for the advice! Guess I will try it first. I work in a hospital so I can get a cheap stomach pump.
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Nice!! lol
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I'd wonder what the "goo" was.

4 days isn't a lot of time, especially if you're curing something, but if you have it in a "community fridge" and there's "goo" in it, I would tend to be worried about what got spilled into it, or if the fridge got unplugged or something.
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The goo is the moisture from the meat being forced out from the cure, then mixing with the spices and cure. Its good goo!
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AZ if u used the right ratio of cure your fine-bacon will discolor a bit during a cure-where u get it and was it frozen or fresh & when u got it?-the liqued is norm-may bacon drys out more than adds liqued after 10 days cure-I sure your fine.
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I got it at a packing plant and it was frozen. It was still partially frozen when I started the cure. Is that a bad thing? It is thawed now.
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Based on your photo, I would say spoiled. Re-curing will not "save" it. When in doubt, throw it out.

Any idea the temperature in the frig you used, or how stable the temp is throughout the day?
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It stays around 38 and does not get much use.
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You should start with thawed meat if you don't have fresh.
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OK thanks. It was partially thawed but I was anxious to get started. I guess I still have the other half of a box if this is bad. Still doesn't smell and I know the smell of bad meat icon_rolleyes.gif Thanks for the advice. I trust everyone to know better then I!
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I had rinsed the bacon and put it in take alongs. The brown was gone and there still is no smell. I had made a cure with pink salt, maple syrup brown sugar. One container was pink salt only. They all look good now except one has one gray spot. I cut it out and tossed it. I will be able to smoke this coming Monday and Tuesday. I will warn the hospital to have the stomach pump ready
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