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Newbie again!??!

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Joined in the latter part of '08. But have been absent due to some family medical issues. I have gathered something went haywire??? Looks like alot of posts were lost???

Anyhow re-introducing myself....

I am a Michigander who used to do a fair amount of smoking (mainly sausage), now getting back into it and hoping to learn alot about fine art of smoking other meats.

Love the site! See you around!!!
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welcome back, it took quite a few of us a while to get back in, that crash not only lost data but members!
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Welcome back sportsman, glad ya made it back!
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Welcome back, glad you made it back
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Lets's hear it for another survivor, it's all good my friend.
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Welcome joined the right group
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back!
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