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Did I do Something Wrong?

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So I have been out of town for a few weeks taking care of some Family business and when I came back it said I was no longer a member. Did i P I S S someone off or something? all my Post are gone as well as my photos? I emailed Admin a couple times and never got a reply.....

If I offended anyone ever, that was not my intent....I am at a loss for words, I kinda feel Sad that I had gotten so attached to everyone and to be kicked off with no explanation really sucks, so for those of you who who I did make friends with and those who enjoyed my QView I wish you all the best, sorry If I didn't fit in

Uncle Tykie
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Your not in crashed...I'll find the link for ya!
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It wasn't you. The site suffered a big crash and data was lost. Anyone who joined after 10/07 (i think) had to reregister.

Welcome back, by the way!icon_smile.gif
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you could have at least strung him along a little and told him fiancee had him banned for life, then again that may have been a deal breakerbiggrin.gif
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Welcome back Tykie, you offended no one, I had to re register also.

We all just picked up where we left off before the crash and continue doing what we love.

Hope you stick around
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I feel better now

WOW, I feel like an thanx everyone, I guess I will re-post all my old Qview's since none of them are saved and we wouldn't want to deprive any Newbies of my EXCELLENT Qview now would we?
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Glad to have you back my friend. We are survivors.
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Glad you're back!
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Well...... seems like I'm the only one that will own up to havin you kicked off the site. Since everybody else seems to want you back........

Come on in UNK!
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Had to re-register here too Tykie
I thought maybe when they booted Blago they booted us but I guess we are safe :)
I posted a few new Q since I got back but havent had time to
post up any of the old stuff again.
welcome back buddy!
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Welcome back.......Glad to see your trailer again.
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back!
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Yeah that'd be great. And welcome back. But what I want to know is . . . did you ever smoke that umm . . . buffalo thingy? biggrin.gif

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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome maybe i should have read some post before

and no Dave, no Smoked Buffalo P E N I S...the sight of it kinda made me sick, not to mention the
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