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Cure ? for the experts

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Doing my first non kit sausage. The recipe calls for Cure #1 which I don't have. But what I do have is tender quick and a modern cure salt from Luhr Jensen. I was going to go with Luhr @ 1/3 tsp per pound. I also know a lot use the tender quick. Looking for some input. The sausage I am making is the Lykens Valley Pennslyvania Ring Bologna.
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For the Tender Quick, just follow the recommended amount per pound on the packaging. Omit the salt that is an ingredient in your sausage's recipe.

Does the Luhr Jensen ingredients contain Nitrite? If it does and it's packaging has recommendations, I would follow them. If it doesn't, I would use the Tender Quick.
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Thanks for the info Panth. Was going to go with TQ but wanted to double check first. thanks again
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Tenderquick is usually 1 1/2 tsp. per pound of meat. Cure #1 (or any of many terms for sodium nitrite cure) is usually at an ounce per 25# meat, or 1 tsp. per 5# meat. I wouldn't necassearly remove all the salt a recipe calls for if using Tenderquick, but I would remove an amount equal to the amount of curing salt used.
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what he says.....
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TQ recommends 1 TBLS. per pound. It contains both nitrates and nitrites, plus sodium ( salt ) and sugar I use it alot and never have a over salty issue.It seems to me to be just right.
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That Is what I use, never had a salt issue either.
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I stand corrected Mule. For sausage I use the same, sorry for any confusion. Not thinking I guess.

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Thanks for pointing that out Mulepackin,
I only use instacure in sausage, but if I was to use TQ and not have read this first I would have assumed 1 tbls was correct.
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