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just starting, but have a question

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hi I just put my brinkmann vertical smoker together. The instructions say I need to cure the smoker. I tried doing that today. I filled the bowl with charcoal, lit them, got them glowing pretty good. However, I could not get the temp above 150. Anyway I appreciate your help. Looking forward to smoking my first brisket and rack of ribs. I should say too Im in the north east and its slightly above freeing out right now, would that effect my temp?

post #2 of 14 could be that the factory temperature gauge is not registering accurately. Did you use a digital thermometer or were you using the one mounted on the smoker?
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Was there any wind blowing? That will suck the life right out of your smoker, just like us. Windbreaks, location, blankets can all help with that.
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Hello and welcome to the SMF. You've found the right place to learn and share about smoking and good Q.
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Welcome to SMF!
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Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you aboard.
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Welcome to SMF. You'll find tons of information and lots of helpful people here. icon_smile.gif
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thanks everybody. Im going to give my smoker another test run this weekend. hopefuly it wont be a windy, and maybe i can get my temp up too.
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Try these mods, they worked for mine

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When I had a brinkman I had to drill some holes in the pan to get better draft. I bought mine used so it might have been a different setup etc. Just make sue the coals can draft well.
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Azrocker beat me to it. biggrin.gif Holes in the coal pan will help a lot.

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new smoker!
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welcome aboard, i hope you are getting the help you need. but i need to clarify some thing...

are you asking about a brinkmann vertical or a brinkmann smokin' grill? it you are talking a true brinkmann vertical that sorta looks like my gosm vertical shown here

Here it is shown with a couple of brisket and the bowl filled with water the charcaol is burning below

i have help with my charcaol burn by turn a veggie wok into a charcoal bin that set into the factory charcoal box.

here is a pic with the water bowl filled with sand

If you need some help please ask and here are a couple more thread to look at
mods to charcoal bin

water to sand switch
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My smoker is a $60 brinkmann vertical. It looks a lot like the GOSM but it has two doors. One for meat access, one for charcoal and water access. from the sounds of things, I should drill a bunch of holes in my charcoal pan to get better draft. I will do that tonight. I also read I should drill holes in the top. Is that necessary with the vents already on the sides? Thanks everybody for all your help. Your making me feel more confident going forward.
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Welcome to SMF truebaca....should be fine with the side vents at the top
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