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Hello from missouri

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Hey guys I am not really new on here but...... My old account got lost mainly lurked before anyway. Time and circumstance allows to me to fire up the smoker more often now. I have a 1028cu old country wood smoker. 20"x 35" model. All welded 1/4" steel everywhere. For $550 new I am very happy with this smoker. I am looking for a bigger tow behind unit now to kick things up.

I also have a stand up propane model thats great for doing small projects without babysitting it all day. I have been smokin stuff for a couple years and have the basics down pretty good. Just need to kick it up a notch with all you guys help. I trap alot alot of wild hogs and hunt and fish for most every type of game. I also play alot of paintball. Pumping some iron is also in my daily routine. Cooking large quantities of meat go very well with that hobby.
I am actualy a Beerman by trade. Spent alot of years unloading a truck. Now I am a lazy saleman. We sell Millerlite, Coorslight, Most all the tasty imports Guiness, Newcastle, Corona, Modelo, etc.... on and on. I am also the Redbull rep for my company as well if you guys are feeling a little sluggish.
Anyway it is good to meet all you guys and look forward to learnin and sharing some secrets!
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Welcome back! Looking forward to some wild hog Qview!
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Good you're here. That smoker is a fine one!
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Glad you decided to stick around. Nice setup. icon_smile.gif
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Another beer guy! I do on-premise delivery in Phoenix. Welcome.
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Welcome back from Pittsburgh, PA
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welcome aboard glad you could join us
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Good to have you back along. Great lookin rig you got there.
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Welcome my friend. Glad you stuck around.
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you found us here.
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Thanks for walking back into the smoke of things!
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Welcome aboard!
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