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UDS question

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I am planning my uds build and have a quick question. How hot does the bottom of the drum get? I am planning to put approximately 3" legs on the bottom of the charcoal basket. I am going to have 2 wheels on it and 1 leg so I can wheel it in and out of the shed like a 2 wheel dollie. This will keep the bottom of the drum about 4" off the ground. Would you feel safe with this set-up on grass? Our yard gets pretty dry sometimes and I don't want to catch it on fire.PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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If ya have any reservations about fire I would get yourself 16 of the 12" square paving stones and make yourself a 4' x 4' pad to put your UDS on while cooking .
after placeing the pavers you can fill any spaces w/ sand and sweep off any excess.
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At smoking temps (225° to 250°) the bottom doesn't get very hot at all. If you crank it up to 325° or 350° it gets a little warmer on the bottom but not much. Most of the heat is in the top.

The dolly that mine sits on is wood and does not have even the slightest evidence of char. I even did a tri-tip in it with a double layer of mesquite lump going and the lid propped up with rebar for draft. The thermo on the side was reading 375° so it was probably 425° + in the center. If the bottom of your drum is 4" off the ground you should be able to set it pretty much anywhere you want. biggrin.gif

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Thanks for the replies. That is what I was hoping to hear.
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No charing, etc on my wood support frame either. But I would still stay safe and put something down as a prevent action.

Agree that other things start to happen if you go up to 325-350, I did this for 3 straight turkey smokes and it melted my exhaust threads until it fell out. (PVC)
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Agreed. An ounce of prevention and all that stuff. I would also add that if you are using lump around dry grass, be careful when you light it in the chimney since it sparks like fireworks. Once it is in the basket and the basket is in the drum, it most likely won't go anywhere. Briquettes are nice and calm in the chimney. biggrin.gif

eek.gif YIKES eek.gif I was wondering about PVC exhausts. Guess now I know. biggrin.gif

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