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that looks excellent - not sure about the bacon stuffing, but hey might have added something :-)
Just wish we could get decent sized venison joints a bit easier.
Good job :-)
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Linescum, they look excellent... I like the bacon in the center idea.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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cowgirl, the first one i did, i stuffed it with sausage it was darn good but a little dry so this time i figured i would try bacon
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Hey thanks for the pics im getting ready to do two deer roast this weekend i hope mine look half as good as yours when they are done
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Great job.. Everything is better with BACON!
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Nice job Linescum. Looks great. When we going to see another Middleswarth BBQ Chip coated smoke? That looked good. Just got two big boxes sent down to me...
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