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Do you cool your butts to a specific temp?

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I see people wrapping in towels, putting in coolers, etc. But is there a particular temp you let it get down to before pulling?
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I once checked my temp coming out of the cooler but don't remember the number anymore. I would bet mine might actually coast a little higher...I typically preheat the cooler (not required) and use towels for an hour or so. Just my routine not really needed though.
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If you let the butt cool too much they tend to become difficult to pull. If you are pulling after cooking, let it cool until you can touch it without getting burned. Don't let it cool too long, keep it above 140 for food safety reasons.
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I'd say betweeen 140 and 160 will work unless you're using gloves or pulling tools. I may be a wimp but if the temp's higher than 160, my fingers get a little toasty.
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In Phoenix, we call these Driving Gloves...
I've seen some teams wearing these during pulling. Just the thin Latex or vinyl gloves helps, these rubber coated gloves really keep the working surfaces of your hands away from heat.
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Thanks for all the replies. It got to 170 and I could not wait any longer. Looks like 160-170 is a good range.
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I have a pair of cotton gloves that I wear under rubber gloves. Works great.
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D, i take my butts to 180 then wrap with foil and go to 205. At that point i pull and wrap in a towel and insert into the cooler for one hour. Then pull. Just my method. Not the law.
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The idea is to allow the butt (or about any meat) the time to reabsorb the juices and redistribute them into the meat.
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