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bacon explosion

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Ill be the first to admit that i am not a huge pork guy, but who could pass this up. Who will be the first to do a qview on this?
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Check out all the various fattie recipes here


These are delicious
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Here let me help ya out a bit... this is a MUCH better link to go with.....http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...splay.php?f=89

call em what they are.........A fattie
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Not trying to pop your bubble or anything, it seems BigRed and I think a like as we both posted the same link.

These have been around way longer than you may think, we call them fatties and the ones you will find in either link have so many variations your head will spin.

When I first found these my arteries clogged up just looking at them, and probably even more so since I've started making them.

Bottom line is check out the fatty section and you will be amazed at what you find.

Good Luck, and even though your not a "pork guy" trust me when WE say bacon makes everything better
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Yeah, missed your link Tx. that guys frustrates me, while he says he didn't invent the thing.. He surely writes it as if he did. Was all in his wording. I remember him trying to defend himself when that first came out, over at another Q forum. LOL
and now with ny times sheesh.

love me a fattie
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yep frustrates me too, seems if he was gonna go to NY Times he would have taken something with a little more flair than just stuffed with bacon and wrapped in bacon....geesh, get original
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