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That looks great!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

As many others have stated, haven't had rabbit since I was a kid many many moons ago.
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I haven't tried cherry yet. Pecan reminds me of hickory, maybe not quite as strong.
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Looks great Tbear. I'm wanting to go huntin a few of those things but wifey said I cant bring 'em into the house. She used to have pet bunnies.
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lol, I'll take them! Send them on down. biggrin.gif
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Looking good!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks good! Another 3 weeks or so before Bucky can get busy with his 2 girl freinds, and then home-raised bunnies againwink.gif
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i seen pel-freez (out of arkansas) rabbits at krogers last night. $17 and change. WOW $5.99 a lb. it aint cheap to raise them but for $17 a rabbit im glad i do.eek.gif got a doz or so in the freezor. guess im sitting on a goldmine.
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I just bout a 3 pound frozen rabbit to try this out.

I am going to use it for stew.
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Yummy looking varmint!
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Smoked rabbit is another thing on my list to do. I might have to take a walk through the river bottoms this weekend and see if I can find any to shoot.
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mine are about to have kits again. still have a bunch in the freezor but time to get the population going. i had over 70 this past summer.
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Im going to give the rabbit a try tommorow. i have about 15 rabbits in the freezer from this past small game season. Wow $5.99 a pound for rabbits! I spend about 5.99 a year for a box of shot gun shells that produce about 15-20 rabbits. But we also have dogs which make it easier. Ive always just cooked them in the crock pot with BBQ sauce. I cut them up real nice so what im left with to cook with is 2 boneless back straps (loin) and the rear legs, which are like small chicken thighs kind of, cant wait to do these rabbits!
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