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Bacon wrapped Rabbit

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The other day we were at a local butcher and they had rabbits in the freezer. It's been about 25 years since I've had rabbit so i picked one up. After it thawed in the fridge for a couple of days I sprinkled it with my BIL's bbq seasoning and wrapped it in bacon, then in cheesecloth because they are so lean. I moistened the cheesecloth and then smoked it along with the bacon chicken breasts.

It was smoked at 275 for 3 hours with pecan.

It was good. My one son who would try it said he liked it but it did kind of taste like chicken. lol

I will pick the meat from the carcass tomorrow and freeze it for future use.
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My grandma makes a rabbit in red wine sauce stew that is wonderful. Did the rabbit turn out juicy? It sure looks tasty.
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Yes, it was moist and juicy. It turned out well. icon_smile.gif
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Looks great. have not had rabbit in over 30 years. coyotes cleaned them all out here.icon_evil.gif
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I haven't had domestic rabbit for years. We usually have a lot of cottontails in the freezer, but didn't get to hunt them yet this year. Yours looks so good, I'm raring to go now! Thanks for the Qview.
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Mmmm.. I love rabbit too. Used to raise meat rabbits, they are so tasty! Looks great Dawn!
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Only had it fried in the chow hall when I was in the Air Force.
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Looks like it turned out great DawnPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great Dawn,
When my parents got married, my grama raised rabbits so slautered a bunch of them for the reception. I guess all attending thought they were eating chicken. lol
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Thanks for your compliments, everyone. It came out really well. Moist and juicy. icon_smile.gif
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That is some good looking rabbit. I haven't had rabbit since I was a kid.
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Looks great...never had a smoked one...I'll have to change that!!
Nice job Dawn!!
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lol, and it was delicious! biggrin.gif
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Shoot me now, shoot me now!!!eek.gif
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Did it have one foot still attached when you purchased it.
Just kidding around.LOLicon_smile.gif
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Duck Season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ya, looks great. points. i raise domestics. got one thawed in the fridge for tonight. had about 65 this summer. down to 7 breeders now. about to fire up the breeding program now so ill have some fresh fryers this spring.
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That's a real nice looking smoke ya had yourself, Dawn. I've not tried pecan on chicken yet, how does it taste compared to cherry or hickory?
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