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Hello From N Ky

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Hello, going to introduce myself again (everyone else is doing it). I just got into the world of BBQ and smoking back in Oct 08. I have a CG duo and so far it has been allot of fun. I have done ribs about 4 times; I smoked 3 turkeys and 1 butt.

I am going to add some herbs to my garden this year, so any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Welcome back
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA
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Welcome back glad you rejoined
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Welcome back to the site
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Always glad to see another Ky boy on the boards.
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welcome and glad to have ya....again:)
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From a Buick 8.......where do I recognize that from? that a Stephen King book??

Welcome to the site....wink.gif

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Welcome back! biggrin.gif
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correct, just thought it was a good handle.

Not sure where to post these so i will put them here, i thought i would share pic's of my DUO. it is a work in progress.

here it is right after i put it together.

I like the CG Duo very much. Well made IMHO, but the cover is crapp. Only lasted a month.

My first butt

Most recent ribs.

My attempt at the thin blue smoke.

My new gauges.

Great Forum, i love all the info and good people.
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Welcome back. Nice looking setup too. Thanks for the pics.
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welcome back Buick...great pics!!!
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Glad you found your way back to SMF. Love your setup, I've always thought those rigs were pretty sharp!
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welcome again!
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