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Starting again...

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Hello folk,

I'd just joined a few weeks back, so my posts didn't date back far enough to make the backup.

I'm a resident of Maple, Ontario and darn tired of the snow by now. I'd put ground hog on the grill about this time if I could find the one that promised us 6 more weeks of winter!wink.gif

I'm a chemist by training, so my wife thinks it funny how much attention I'm paying to taking note of time and temperature every time I cook something, but I figure it will pay off in not making the same mistake twice icon_smile.gif .

I like to grill out on the deck every Saturday and saved up my Christmas gift money to treat myself to a MES (sold as Centro up here at Canadian Tire - which will make sense to any folk who've been up here as Canadian Tire sells just about anything household or outdoor related that you could want.)

Temperature's been consistently near 0*F every time I get out with the smoker but I've had good luck so far with a pulled pork shoulder, brisket, the best ribs I've ever made, and last weekend a maple and hickory smoked sirloin tip roast.

I love the site and look forward to trying a little bit of everything - I may have to give up my job just to get more cooking done!

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Welcome to the SMF family, you are gonna love it around here.

Lots of good folks with a ton of knowledge to share
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Welcome back!
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Glad ya re-joined!
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Welcome from Pittsburgh,'s cold here too.
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Welcome back
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Welcome back home, it is worth the wait to get back to SMF

Tarheel Bill
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Welcome back from Dover Delaware
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