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First Bacon Attempt

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Tomorrow I expect to complete a fridge I've been converting over the past couple weeks and I'm looking forward to making some bacon. I'll get the cure mixed up and get things started tonight. I plan on using the recipe navion jim posted. This will finally give me the opportunity to use my crawdad kettle.

I can cure out a lot of bacon in this sucker but I'm only starting with two bellies for now to see how it comes out.

Whoooohooo lets get started...icon_smile.gif
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Good luck on the bacon. I'll bet that sweetie is more than a handfull!
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Good luck Dan. I am sure it will turn out great.
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jim lernt me the steps many moons ago-hope yours turns out better than a fert- fallow and u will love it-good lucks Dan
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Good luck with your bacon Dan. Your helper sure is a cutie! :)
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Good luck Dan!!
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One question

The pot Jim refers to is stainless. This one is alunimum. Will this be a problem?
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Sooo I missed the belly train I assume? Sigh
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Yes. Must be food grade plastic, glass, or stainless.
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I agree, she is a sweetie. icon_smile.gif those bellies will have you in bacon for quite a while. Have fun.
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thanks! Reckon I'll keep tryin to collect enough crawdads...

Don't worry, another train will be along shortly. This packing house is only a few miles from where my motorhome is kept. I go through weekly. have been for years now. K, gotta go get a container.

Wait, food grade plastic can be a big clear platic bag though.. Yreka!!!! biggrin.gif
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ONLY if is says for food storage... Catering supplies have them. You DON'T want to have meat hanging for a week in a cure in something that can affect it. Too much chemistry for safety. And it's Eureka! ;{)
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The big clear plastic bag the bellies came in is what I was refering to. That was my bright idea...It'll be good for tonight anyways. I have to go to town tomorrow. I'll get something more durable then.

Yeah, Eureaka But I was clownin. cool.gif

I'll get back to you folks in 5 days.
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Mmmm bacon! And yep, those bags be good. pretty leak/puncture proof too. You have a vac packer? It will speed curing times by around 20% I have found.
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Yah mean that piece of 3/4" plywood I cut to fit in the bin with the two 3x8x16 solid cinderblocks sittin on top? biggrin.gif

Yep I considered that. I picked up a box of huge heavy duty clear food bags and the GFC this morning. I bagged up the "packer" as well so theres no contact between the food and the wood.

Yep, I think everythings going real well in there. Nice & juicy...wink.gif

Edit: you meant Vacuum Packer as in Food Saver type. in that case, yeah but I'm in no rush.
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